AREA 4643
AREA 4643
Title: AREA 4643 興奮する真のゲーム
Developer(s): DeathMofuMofu
Publisher(s): Diehardtales Games
Platform(s): PC
Release Date(s): December 21, 2018
Genre(s): Action, Indie

AREA 4643 興奮する真のゲーム (Area Yoroshisan Kōfun Suru Shin no Gēmu) is the a game set in the Ninja Slayer franchise. It is the third Ninja Slayer game, but the first to not be a browser game.

Information Edit

AREA 4643 (Yoroshi-san) is a cyberpunk action shooting game. It's based on the cyberpunk city Neo-Saitama and Ninja Slayer universe.

Chose your character from Yakuza Tengu, Evil Yamoto or Dollhouse.

Defeat the Yakuza Clones, Bio Sumotori and Ninja demigods to SAVE THE UNIVERSE!


The world domination AI "A.R.G.O.S." exploded so impressively and the Neo-Saitama was saved.

But shortly after the great explosion, Steam-verse Neo-Saitama was created by someone.

The EMP storms came again from there and now the boundary of each universes became unstable than before.

This is not a natural EMP disaster. Someone must be trying to destroy and ruin the whole universe.

"Wow, It's not good" 

I, the Vertigo, the great multi-verse traveller ninja, noticed the very bad omen. Seriously.

"I have to summon the brave fighters to this Steam-verse Neo-Saitama...!"

Playable Characters Edit

  • Yakuza Tengu: The holy yakuza warrior empowered by cybernetics and wearing the mysterious Tengu mask. He is called Yakuza-Tengu, the insane ninja hunter. Left weapon is long range shooting with two guns. Right weapon is close combat dosu-dagger attack. Bomb is the detonative holy water throwing.
  • Evil Yamoto: She is the mysterious creature looks like a high school girl with small horns. Left weapon is short range drill knuckle duster wave. Right weapon is close combat weapon attack. Bomb is the wrath self buff.
  • Dollhouse: She is the base guitar player of the Rock'n'Roll band "BSSB". She likes weed and occult things so much. Left weapon is all range base sound wave. Right weapon is close combat guitar attack. Bomb is the summoning of the auto-homing-devils of Rock'n'Roll.
  •  ???: And...more characters will be released in next version!
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