Bradley Bond (ブラッドレー・ボンド, Buraddorē Bondo) born 1968 and Philip Ninj@ Morzez (フィリップ・ニンジャ・モーゼズ, Firippu Ninja Mōzezu) born 1969 are the purported creators and writers for the Ninja Slayer series. Bond is said to live in New York and Morzez is said to live in the suburbs of Los Angeles. The true writers (credited as translators) are Yu Honda (本兌 有, Honda Yū) and Leika Sugi (杉ライカ, Sugi Raika).

Official Biographies Edit

Bradley Bond Edit

Born 1968. Residing in New York. In the 90s, he became friends with Morzez via the Internet and they started collaborating. Well-versed in linguistics, history and traditional culture, he is known as the Joseph Campbell of ninja and Nordic mythology as he was the first to draw parallels between the two.

Philip Ninj@ Morzez Edit

Born 1969. Residing in the suburbs of Los Angeles. He co-authored the novel with Bond to blow the whistle on the menace of ninja. With a PhD in computer engineering, he brings authenticity to the cyber-punk references in the novel. Loves apple pie.

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