Fujio Katakura

Dark Ninja

Ninja Slayer Manga 7

Darkninja kills

Darkninja GK

Dark Ninja anime design

Kanji: ダークニンジャ


Romaji: Dākuninja

Fujio Katakura

Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Soukaiya
Voice Actor: Hayami Shō (Japanese)

Chris Ryan (English)

Novel Debut: Menace of Darkninja
Manga Debut: Chapter 2 (mentioned)
Chapter 1 (Kills)
Anime Debut: Episode 2
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Fujio Katakura (フジオ・カタクラ, Fujio Katakura), known as Darkninja (ダークニンジャ, Dākuninja), is a ninja who worked for Laomoto Khan and was part of the Soukai Syndicate. He is responsible for killing Ninja Slayer's family.


Darkninja has white hair and his armor is a dark purple.



Part 1: Neo-Saitama in Flames Edit

Born in Red Black Edit

He killes Fujikido Kenji's wife and son, Fuyuko and Tochinoki, at Marunouchi Sugoi-Takai Building in one of the Soukaiya's battles.

Machine of Vengeance Edit

Laomoto Khan orders him to kill Ninja Slayer.

Rage Against Tofu Edit

He appears and fights Ninja Slayer.

Guided By Masashi Edit

Koros Oblivion Edit

Menace of Darkninja Edit

He fights Ninja Slayer and loses terribly.

Stranger Stranger Than Fiction Edit

Neo-Saitama in Flames Edit

He stabs Forest Sawatari in the back, attempting to go through his heart but learns it's on the wrong side, and proceeds to fight Ninja Slayer.

The battle is interrupted my Master Tortoise and Master Crane who tell him to go to Kyoto and see Thunder Forge and to fulfill his life. He leaves with them.

Part 2: Kyoto: Hell on Earth Edit

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Beppin: His sword which contains a ninja soul.


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