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Kanji: ドラゴン・ユカノ


Romaji: Doragon Yukano


Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Affiliations: Ikki Uchikowashi (formerly)
Dragon Dojo (formerly)
Relatives: Dragon Gendoso (grandfather)
Voice Actor: Taneda Risa (Japanese)

Bryn Apprill (English)

Novel Debut: Menace of Darkninja (Yukano)
At the Treasonersville (Amnesia)
Manga Debut: Chapter 0 (Kills) (Amnesia)
Chapter 5 (Kills) (Yukano)
Chapter 2 (Glamorous Killers) (Yukano)
Anime Debut: Episode 6 (Yukano)
Episode 15 (Amnesia)
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Dragon Yukano (ドラゴン・ユカノ, Doragon Yukano), known as Amnesia (アムニジア, Amunijia) during her time at Ikki Uchikowashi, is a ninja and the granddaughter of Dragon Gendoso.

Appearance Edit

Yukano appears to be of medium height with long, grayish purple hair that is held down by her red scarf and wears a red ninja suit that has red armored boots and gloves. She has very large breasts and this is even commented on by the narrator as he states "she has very ample bust".

As Amnesia, she has her hair up in a ponytail and red armor. She also fights with a bow and arrow and red kunai.

Personality Edit

So far, not much has been shown about Yukano, but she does fight to defend her clan and follows orders willingly.

After losing her memory, her personality is similar to how it used to be, but is much crueler than before.

Plot Edit

Part 1: Neo-Saitama in Flames Edit

Back in Black Edit

She is with Dragon Gendoso when he goes to Ninja Slayer. She was prepared to die when Ninja Slayer went berserk. She tends to his wounds after he awakes.

Surprised Dojo Edit

She is introduced shortly before being defeated in a fight with Hugeshuriken and Earthquake to defend Ninja Slayer and her grandfather.

Menace of Darkninja Edit

Sushi Night at the Barricade Edit

It is revealed Yukano had lost her memories and has been living under the name Amnesia and had joined the Ikki Uchikowashi organization. It's also revealed that when she joined she fell in love with a ninja from the organization named Rapture.

She tried to defend their base when attacked by Omura Industries' Explosive and Motoryab but failed and was saved by Ninja Slayer. This is when Ninja Slayer learned Yukano does not remember her past.

At the Treasonersville Edit

It is revealed that the time Yukano lost her memories was after Ninja Slayer and Darkninja's fight in Menace of Darkninja, After Ninja Slayer realizes that Ikki Uchikowashi is evil and kills Flickshot, she declares him her enemy.

Ever Felt Cheated? Edit

Amnesia recruits Naraki under the name Maname (マナメ) while in disguise. At their protest she kills one of their own to start more violence but Ninja Slayer shows up and stops them.

Neo-Saitama in Flames (anime only cameo) Edit

She was with Buster Tetsuo while the Soukaiya buildings were burning.

Part 2: Kyoto: Hell on Earth Edit

Part 3: Ninja Slayer Never Dies Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

Relationships Edit

Ninja Slayer Edit

Dragon Gendoso Edit

Rapture Edit

Her lover who was a member of Ikki Uchikowashi.

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