Machine of Vengeance
Web Episode 02
Episode Info
Kanji マシン・オブ・ヴェンジェンス
Romaji Mashin Obu Venjensu
Air Date April 23, 2015
Episode Direction Hiroshi Ikehata
Storyboard Hiroshi Ikehata
Screenplay Satou Yuu
Animation Direction Saitou Kengo
Episode Chronology
Episode 1 Episode 3

Machine of Vengeance (マシン・オブ・ヴェンジェンス, Mashin Obu Venjensu) is the 2nd episode of Ninja Slayer From Animation.



After a massive drug deal is interrupted, Arson, one of the Soukaiya's ninjas, faces Ninja Slayer in a battle to the death. Ninja Slayer has his hands full while taking on a techno-ninja named Cloud Buster.


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