Last Girl Standing, Part 1
Web Episode 03
Episode Info
Kanji ラスト・ガール・スタンディング Part.1
Romaji Rasuto Gāru Sutandingu Part.1
Air Date April 30, 2015
Episode Direction Miyajima Yoshihiro
Storyboard Shimizu Hisatoshi
Screenplay Satou Yuu
Animation Direction Hirata Katsuzou
Episode Chronology
Episode 2 Episode 4

Last Girl Standing, Part 1 (ラスト・ガール・スタンディング Part.1, Rasuto Gāru Sutandingu Part.1) is the 3rd episode of Ninja Slayer From Animation.



Yamoto Koki, a girl possessed by the Ninja Soul of Shi Ninja, uses her powers to save herself and her friend Asari from a gang attack. Shogo, a transfer student, is bailed out of jail and given an ultimatum.


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