Last Girl Standing, Part 2
Web Episode 04
Episode Info
Kanji ラスト・ガール・スタンディング Part.2
Romaji Rasuto Gāru Sutandingu Part.2
Air Date May 7, 2015
Episode Direction Miyajima Yoshihiro
Storyboard Shimizu Hisatoshi
Screenplay Satou Yuu
Animation Direction Hirata Katsuzou
Episode Chronology
Episode 3 Episode 5

Last Girl Standing, Part 2 (ラスト・ガール・スタンディング Part.2, Rasuto Gāru Sutandingu Part.2) is the 4th episode of Ninja Slayer From Animation.



As Yamoto enjoys an evening out with her friends, Shogo shows up to warn her that the Soukai Syndicate is headhunting her. Sonic Boom makes Yamoto an offer she can't refuse.


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