Forest Sawatari

Forest Sawatari

Sawatari manga

Forest anime

Kanji: フォレスト・サワタリ
Romaji: Foresuto Sawatari
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Survivor Dojo
Yoroshisan Pharmaceuticals (formerly)
Anime Debut: Episode 8
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Forest Sawatari (フォレスト・サワタリ, Foresuto Sawatari) is a ninja that was experimented on by Yoroshisan Pharmaceuticals and possesses the Ninja Soul Nguyen Ninja (グエン・ニンジャ, Guen Ninja).

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Mentally unstable due to his ninja soul and has flashbacks to the Vietnam war, despite not being part of it, and is obsessed by Nancy Lee. He will team up with an enemy to take down a larger threat.

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