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Kanji: ラオモト・カン
Romaji: Raomoto Kan
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Soukai Syndicate
Relatives: Laomoto Chiba (Son)
Voice Actor: Tsukayama Masane (Japanese)

Bill Jenkins (English)

Novel Debut: Neo-Saitama in Flames 1
Manga Debut: Chapter 3
Chapter 1 (Kills)
Chapter 5 (Glamorous Killers)
Anime Debut: Episode 1
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Laomoto Khan (ラオモト・カン, Raomoto Kan) is the leader of the Soukai Syndicate and the CEO of Nekosogi Fund.. He has 7 ninja souls which are collectively called Demolition Ninja (デモリション・ニンジャ, Demorishon Ninja). The names of each soul are Bouquet Ninja (ブケ・ニンジャ, Buke Ninja), Itami Ninja Clan (イタミニンジャ・クラン, Itami Ninja Kuran), Cobra Ninja Clan (コブラニンジャ・クラン. Kobura Ninja Kuran), Sasori Ninja Clan (サソリニンジャ・クラン, Sasori Ninja Kuran), Tanaka Ninja Clan (タナカニンジャ・クラン, Tanaka Ninja Kuran), Big Ninja Clan (ビッグニンジャ・クラン, Biggu Ninja Kuran), and Shrike Ninja Clan (モズニンジャ・クラン, Mozu Ninja Kuran) .

Appearance Edit

In the Novel, Khan is shown in gold and red samurai armor. Out of armor he wears a white Armani suit, gold ninja mask and coif.

In the manga, Khan is shown as a skinny, balding man with pointed hair and a mask.

In the anime, Khan is shown as an exaggeratedly large and muscular with a small head, balding spiked hair, and a golden mask. He also wears a white suit and golden shoes.

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7 Ninja Souls: Collectively Demolition Ninja, but are Bouquet Ninja, Itami Ninja Clan, Cobra Ninja Clan, Sasori Ninja Clan, Tanaka Ninja Clan, Big Ninja Clan, and Mozu Ninja Clan. Itami Ninja Clan came from Agony, Cobra Ninja Clan came from Beholder, Scorpion Ninja Clan came from Scorpion, Tanaka Ninja Clan came from Keibiin, Big Ninja Clan came from Earthquake, and Shrike Ninja Clan came from Albatross.

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