Kanji: オフェンダー
Romaji: Ofendā
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Soukai Syndicate
Voice Actor: Daisuke Egawa (Japanese)
Mike McFarland (English)
Novel Debut: Born in Red Black
Manga Debut: Chapter 1 (Kills)
Anime Debut: Episode 1
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Offender (オフェンダー, Ofendā) is a ninja from the Soukai Syndicate.


Offender is rather short and wears a modified hazmat-like suit and a gas mask. He also wields two daggers.


Offender is shown to be very sadistic, killing others for fun. However, he can quickly scream in fear when facing an opponent whose powers overwhelm him.


Part 1: Neo-Saitama in Flames Edit

Born in Red Black Edit

After the massacre at Marunouchi Sugoi-Takai Building, Offender and another Soukaiya ninja, Scatter, are sent to search the ruins in order to kill everyone who has been left alive. Having killed almost all of the survivors, they stumble upon the body of Fujikido Kenji. While Scatter urges his partner to kill the salaryman, since he is the last one, Offender suggests that they can have some fun before leaving.

They are then suddenly attacked by Fujikido and Offender watches as the salaryman, possesed by a ninja soul of Naraku Ninja, kills Scatter. He then witnesses Fujikido's transformation into Ninja Slayer and is killed almost immediately after, when Ninja Slayer chops his head off.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Very little is known about Offender's abilities. He doesn't get any chance to demonstrate them during a fight with Ninja Slayer, as his opponent's powers are fairly superior to his.


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