Shogo Maguchi
Shogo anime
Kanji: ショーゴー・マグチ


Romaji: Shōgō Maguchi


Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Circle Shimanagashi
Soukai Syndicate (former)
Voice Actor: Hino Satoshi (Japanese)
Austin Tindle (English)
Novel Debut: Last Girl Standing
Manga Debut: Chapter 8
Anime Debut: Episode 3
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Shogo Maguchi (ショーゴー・マグチ, Shōgō Maguchi), also known as Suicide (スーサイド Sūsaido), is a ninja. His ninja soul is Punk Ninja (パンク・ニンジャ, Panku Ninja).

Appearance Edit

After Punk Ninja entered his body, Shogo began dressing like a "yankee", a kind of delinquent. He sports a brown Afro, tattoos on his shoulders, and his chest is always visable.

Personality Edit

Plot Edit

Part 1: Neo-Saitama in Flames Edit

Last Girl Standing Edit

It is shown that in the past, Shogo had attempted suicide and jumped off his school building and landed on Yamoto Koki. He gained his ninja soul, Punk Ninja, after doing this.

Shogo later attended the same high school as Yamoto and got a large fight and was apprehended. Sonic Boom got him out of jail and made him part of the Soukaiya and gave him the same "Suicide". He was then tasked to kill Yamoto and learned she also gained a ninja soul when he landed on her in his suicide attempt. He warns Yamoto about the Soukaiya and attempts to fight Sonic Boom but loses.

New Messenger of What? Edit

While Yamoto is fighting Sonic Boom, Shogo is approached by Fylgja.

Part 3: Ninja Slayer Never Dies Edit

New Messenger of Past and Future Edit

Satz-Batz Night by Night Edit

Hail to the Shade of Buddha-Speed Edit

There is a Light Edit

Death Trap, Suicide Rap Edit

Nichom War...Beginning Edit

Farewell My Shadow Edit

Nichom War Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Punk Ninja: His ninja soul allows him to steal the life energy of others.

Trivia Edit

  • He is 173 cm tall.

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